Hüte dich vor Falschen Freunden: I’m foxdevilswild

Patricia Hinsen-Rind
23. Januar 2019
Hüte dich vor Falschen Freunden: I’m foxdevilswild

Dear Tom,

Much is happend since my last Mail to you.

I made the presentation, after two glasses of sect, while I was so nervous. But it not went good. My English is under all pig and my Chef was very angry to me for it. I presentated my Best but the people have me not understand. Then my Chef say I am a Drinker while I have the sect and mob me even worst. I do not think an acceleration of the mobbing were possible, oh you green nine, my Chef find a method. I have the muzzle full!

I tell my Chef that I want English Training but he say that I should be learning by doing. So now I have to lead a meeting with colleges from Amerika. It is horror that make my hair stand on the mountain. This is the drop that bring the drum to overflowing. I just knowing that I become trouble from my Chef again.

I’m foxdevilswild about this but I not know what I should doing. All I do is for the cat. I working so hard but I always make me to monkey. My dear Mr. singing club, my chef cut everything I do over one comb and he not see that I work good in all aspects not Englisch.

Was do you think I should doing? Searching for a new Job? Talk to the Workadvice?

Happy for your answer.


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