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Feeling safe? Or not?

20.08.2019: Quotation marks can make the difference

between feeling safe or not.

Security guard

„Security guard“

Quotation marks („) around a word mean that the opposite meaning is intended here. Instead of there being someone on guard, it means there is actually no one to watch over you. So, watch your back!



Funny Newspaper Headlines: Miracle cure kills fifth patient

19.08.2019: A cure normally

cures someone. That means, it makes someone better!  Killing someone is not usually part of a „cure“.

That makes this headline funny. It actually says that a miracle cure, which is something that normally works miracles and heals people, kills people.

This problem could have been avoided by using quotation marks („). 

„Miracle cure“ kills fifth patient

Quotation marks („) around a word mean that the opposite meaning is intended.


Sorry! Es war doch nicht der Klapperstorch…

13.08.2019: Wer wirklich „schuld“ am Baby war,

das erfahren Sie hier:

The stork brings babies.

12.08.2019: And false friends.

I become

You become

She becomes

Find out about babies, storks and becoming in our quiz:


Where do you leave your car when you go shopping?

06.08.2019: In Britain:

You leave your car in a car park.

In the USA: You leave your car in a parking lot or a parking garage.

In Canada: You leave your car in a parkade.

Important in all three languages!  Remembering exactly WHERE you left your car 🙂