17.03.2020: Buried Bodies
„Mary’s been with the company forever. She knows where all the bodies are buried.“

This means that


the company management had better be very, very nice to Mary.

Knowing where „all the bodies are buried“ means knowing all the company’s secrets. Every last one of them. And that means power!

Why? Well, no matter how well run a company is. No matter how honest or how ethical. There will always be one „body“ or another that better stay buried.


Auf Wolke 7

10.03.2020: Eine schöne Adresse, die Wolke 7.


Bedeutet sie doch, dass man im höchsten Glück schwebt. Direkt neben dem 7. Himmel gelegen, ist dies die exklusive Adresse für z.B. frisch Verliebte.

In English, there is a „seventh heaven“, but there is no cloud number 7. Instead, English speakers hang out on cloud nine. Both locations however promise equal bliss. Happiness and a blissful existence.

People who have just fallen in love, for example, will often be in seventh heaven, floating on cloud nine.

You’re such a turkey!

03.03.2020:That’s actually an insult!


If someone calls you a turkey, they are actually insulting you. Calling someone „a turkey“ means that you think they’re stupid or clueless.

„Clueless“ = not having a clue. It means „having no knowledge, understanding, or ability.“ (Oxford English Dictionary)


What is a palindrome?

21.01.2020: A paliWHAT?


Find out here:

The Englisch nach Mass Baby: Boy or Girl?

13.01.2020: Unsere Bildungsurlaub-Koryphäe, Frau Razlaf wird im Februar Mama.

Wird das „Englisch nach Maß Baby“ ein Junge oder ein Mädchen?