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What is a palindrome?

21.01.2020: A paliWHAT?


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The Englisch nach Mass Baby: Boy or Girl?

13.01.2020: Unsere Bildungsurlaub-Koryphäe, Frau Razlaf wird im Februar Mama.

Wird das „Englisch nach Maß Baby“ ein Junge oder ein Mädchen?

Strange Christmas Traditions.

16.12.19: The KFC „Turkey“

Thanks to a very successful marketing campaign in 1974, KFC, yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken, has become THE traditional Japanese Christmas dinner.

The KFC Christmas dinner is so popular in Japan that people order their buckets (the large container in which KFC is served) many weeks in advance.

Even with the pre-order service available, many Japanese spend hours waiting in line (queuing) for their special Christmas treat.

A lovely Canadian Christmas Tradition.

17.12.19: Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H H0H, Canada

For many years, children in Canada have been able to write to Santa Claus.

This tradition started as an official Canada Post event in 1981 and has been hugely successful.

On average, Santa receives over one million letters every year. The letters are opened and answered by volunteers.

Canada Post is especially proud of Santa’s unique postal code: H0H H0H

Strange Christmas Traditions: Pooping under the Christmas Tree

10.12.2019: Meet „The Caganer“. A very curious Catalonian Christmas tradition.

The „Caganer“ is a figure that

is depicted in the act of defecation. Defecation is a „nice“ word for „pooping“. For going to the bathroom and „doing Number 2“. For „answering the call of nature“.
Originally the Caganer was a figure in peasant dress, these days you can get any public figure to poop under your Christmas tree. This custom dates back to the late 17th century.

The Caganer is part of the Nativity scene, along with Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and the animals in the barn. He is usually hidden in the background.

Catalonians believe that not having a Caganer as part of their Nativity scene brings bad luck.