Hüte dich vor Falschen Freunden: „You’re taking me on your arm“

Dear Tom,

There we have the salad. This goes on no cow skin. My English is not the yellow from the egg and I must presentate my concept tomorrow.

When my chef told this to me I thought I spider. But he say to leave the church in the village. He brings me up on the palm tree, because I don’t want to blame me. With him it’s not good cherry eating because he knows I have a problem with presentating in English. My English is under all pig and I’m just not looking serious.

I talk to my college in England yesterday and I only understand train station. It is clear as dumpling broth that I will blame me if I presentate in English.

I will that my chef presentates the concept because I feel like a fish on the dry but you can take poison on that he not will do that. While he is not a good chef he mob me. He is in concurrence to me and that is where the dog is buried.

What for a mist! I’m quick and ready. My chef has to give his mustard to everything and want to overtake everything what I realize. I become to ape, this theme is a great problem.

I know! Bevor the presentation I drink a glass of sect. Press the thumbs for me that there will be no reclamations.

With many greetings,