English for HR Englisch für Human Resources Englisch nach Maß English for Human Resource Professionals In diesem Kurs befassen Sie sich mit einer Reihe von Themen, die Personalverantwortliche beherrschen müssen, von der Rekrutierung und Einstellung bis hin zu Konflikten und Beschwerden von MitarbeiterInnen. JETZT KOSTENLOS BERATEN LASSEN




Communicate clearly with teams and individuals to set goals and expectations.
Understand how to create a workplace that fosters growth and continuous improvement.
Conduct and deliver written evaluations of current and potential employees.

English for Human Resource Professionals

In this course, you will explore a range of topics that human resource professionals must master, from recruitment and hiring to employee conflicts and grievances. Since clear communication is a crucial HR responsibility, this course includes examples of HR experts giving team updates, explaining a task, conducting performance reviews, sending emails to job candidates, and much more.

Nutzen Sie EnM-24/7 Englischkurse Online für Ihr Unternehmen und Ihre Mitarbeiter.

Nutzen Sie EnM-24/7 Englischkurse Online für Ihr Unternehmen und Ihre Mitarbeiter.


This unit outlines the skills and qualities that Human Resources professionals should embody and provides you with a general idea of your role in HR

As an HR professional, maintaining a high employee morale and a positive work environment is essential. In this unit, you will learn about company visions and values, how to make employees feel appreciated, and tips to create a healthy, happy workplace.

The responsibilities of HR professionals vary greatly and include hiring, employee management, organizing employee programs, and more.

Understanding what a company needs and attracting the right talent is an important role of HR. After you complete this unit, you will understand recruiting goals, know how to write a job posting, and be able to communicate with job candidates.

Hiring the right employees is crucial to success, but don’t let the pressure get to you! Learn about the different interviewing techniques, how to find the right talent, and how to accept or reject job applicants

Each company offers different types of benefits and compensation to its employees. In this unit, you will learn to communicate the different types of work benefits available to employees and explain company policies

The HR department is involved in training and integrating new employees into the company. In this unit, you will learn about onboarding, managing a team, and giving tips to motivate employees.

Writing performance reviews and giving employees feedback helps keep employees on the right track. This unit will cover trends in performance management, how to give effective feedback, and provide real-life examples of performance reviews

Employees turn to HR professionals when there is conflict in the office. Listen to people discuss conflict in the office and find ways to overcome these problems in this unit.

One of the key roles of HR is ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and equally. This unit will take a look at different strategies companies around the world are using to create diversity and maintain equality in the workplace.

New technology and trends are constantly changing HR methods and practices. From A.I. to wellness lounges, this unit covers all the latest trends shaping HR today.

This unit reviews the topics introduced in the previous units. You will have the chance to refresh your memory on all the important aspects of being an HR professional.

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